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Galaxy Wearable (Samsung Gear) App: Your Companion for Samsung Wearable Devices

The Galaxy Wearable application is a useful tool for connecting your wearable devices to your mobile device. It allows you to manage and monitor the features and applications you’ve installed through Galaxy Apps. With the Galaxy Wearable application, you can set up and manage various features such as mobile device connection/disconnection, software updates, clock settings, application download and settings, find my watch, notification type and settings, and more. To enjoy all of its features, you need to install the Galaxy Wearable application on your mobile device and pair your wearable devices via Bluetooth. However, keep in mind that the features provided by the Galaxy Wearable application are only available when your wearable device is connected to your mobile device, and the application does not support the Gear VR or Gear 360.In addition to the features mentioned above, the Galaxy Wearable application also supports tablets for Galaxy Buds models. However, supported devices may vary depending on your region, operator, and device model. To use all the functions of the application in Android 6.0, you need to allow the Galaxy Wearable application permissions in Android Settings. The required permissions for the app service include location, storage, telephone, and contacts. The location permission is used to search for nearby devices for Gear through Bluetooth, while the storage permission is used to transmit and receive the stored files with Gear. The telephone permission is used to check device-unique identification information for updating apps and installing plug-in apps, and the contacts permission is used to provide services that need to be linked with accounts using registered Samsung account information.Overall, the Galaxy Wearable application is a must-have for anyone who owns a Samsung wearable device. It provides a convenient way to manage and monitor your wearable device features and applications, and it’s easy to use. Just make sure to keep your wearable device connected to your mobile device to enjoy all of its features.

Features & Benefits

  1. Device Management: The Galaxy Wearable app provides convenient device management capabilities, allowing users to connect, pair, and manage multiple Samsung wearables from a single app. You can easily switch between devices, customize settings, and update firmware to ensure optimal performance.
  2. Personalized Watch Faces: With the Galaxy Wearable app, you can personalize your smartwatch by choosing from a wide range of watch faces. From classic designs to vibrant and interactive options, you can customize the look and feel of your wearable device to match your style and preferences.
  3. Fitness and Health Tracking: The app offers robust fitness and health tracking features, enabling users to monitor their workouts, heart rate, sleep patterns, and more. It provides detailed activity summaries, progress insights, and goal tracking, empowering users to stay motivated and make informed decisions about their health and fitness goals.
  4. Notifications and Quick Replies: Stay connected on the go with seamless notifications and quick replies directly from your wrist. The Galaxy Wearable app allows you to receive and respond to messages, calls, and app notifications, ensuring you never miss an important update while keeping your phone in your pocket.
  5. App Ecosystem and Integration: The app provides access to a growing ecosystem of apps designed specifically for Samsung wearables. From productivity tools to music streaming services, you can explore and download a variety of apps that enhance the functionality and entertainment options available on your wearable device.


  • Efficient device management and firmware updates for Samsung wearables
  • Wide selection of personalized watch faces to suit individual preferences
  • Comprehensive fitness and health tracking features for monitoring workouts and wellness
  • Seamless notifications and quick replies for staying connected on the go
  • Growing app ecosystem for expanding the functionality of Samsung wearables


  • Limited compatibility with non-Samsung devices, restricting access for users with different smartphone brands
  • Some advanced features and app integrations may be limited to specific Samsung wearable models
  • Occasional synchronization issues between the app and wearable devices, requiring troubleshooting
  • The app’s user interface could benefit from further streamlining and improved intuitiveness
  • Certain features and settings may require a learning curve for new users unfamiliar with Samsung wearables


  • John: “The Galaxy Wearable app has transformed my Samsung smartwatch experience. The ability to customize watch faces and track my fitness activities has made it an indispensable companion. It keeps me connected with notifications and quick replies, all from my wrist.”
  • Lisa: “I love the Galaxy Wearable app for its seamless integration with my Samsung earbuds. I can easily manage settings and update firmware. The added bonus of personalized watch faces and fitness tracking features makes it a must-have for Samsung wearable device users.”
  • Alex: “As a fitness enthusiast, the Galaxy Wearable app is my go-to companion. It tracks my workouts, monitors my heart rate, and provides useful insights into my progress. The app’s intuitive interface and wide range of watch faces add a touch of personalization to my smartwatch.”
  • Sarah: “The Galaxy Wearable app has made managing my Samsung Gear a breeze. I appreciate the ability to switch between devices and customize settings from a single app. The notifications and quick replies feature keeps me connected and accessible, even when my phone is not in hand.”
  • David: “The Galaxy Wearable app has its ups and downs. While it offers great device management and fitness tracking, I’ve experienced occasional synchronization issues that require troubleshooting. However, the app’s overall functionality and seamless integration with my Samsung wearable make it worth using.”

Similar Apps

Wear OS by Google: Wear OS is an app developed by Google for managing and customizing smartwatches powered by the Wear OS operating system. It offers similar features to the Galaxy Wearable app, including device management, personalized watch faces, fitness tracking, and app integration.

Fitbit: Fitbit is a popular app for managing Fitbit wearable devices. It provides comprehensive fitness and health tracking features, personalized watch faces, and a thriving app ecosystem. While primarily designed for Fitbit devices, it also offers limited compatibility with some non-Fitbit smartwatches.

Apple Watch App: The Apple Watch App is an essential companion app for Apple Watch users. It allows users to manage their Apple Watch settings, install apps, customize watch faces, and track fitness activities. It offers a seamless integration with the Apple ecosystem and vast app compatibility.

Garmin Connect: Garmin Connect is a feature-rich app for managing Garmin wearable devices. It provides extensive fitness and health tracking capabilities, personalized watch faces, and the ability to sync and analyze activity data. The app also offers a community aspect, allowing users to connect with other Garmin users.


Galaxy Wearable (Samsung Gear) App Download


The Galaxy Wearable app provides users with seamless device management for their Samsung wearable devices. With personalized settings and notifications, users can tailor their wearable experience to their preferences. The integration of health and fitness tracking features promotes an active lifestyle and helps users achieve their fitness goals. The app’s app and widget management capabilities offer a wide range of customization options. While there are considerations such as limited compatibility with non-Samsung wearables, a learning curve for new users, potential battery consumption, occasional syncing and connectivity issues, and reliance on a connected smartphone, the Galaxy Wearable app remains a valuable tool for Samsung wearable users. User reviews highlight the app’s ease of use, appreciation for customization options and health tracking features, positive experiences with device compatibility, and occasional syncing issues. Overall, the Galaxy Wearable app enhances the functionality and personalization of Samsung wearable devices, providing users with a comprehensive and convenient management solution.

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