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Relive App: Relive Your Outdoor Adventures

Relive is an innovative app designed to bring your outdoor adventures to life. By combining GPS tracking, photos, and elevation data, Relive allows you to create stunning 3D videos of your hikes, runs, and bike rides. With Relive, you can relive your outdoor experiences and share them with friends and family, turning your activities into memorable stories.

Features & Benefits

  1. Activity Tracking: Relive integrates with popular fitness tracking apps such as Strava and Garmin Connect to automatically import activity data. Users can track their hikes, runs, bike rides, and more, and the app will generate an interactive map of their route, complete with distance, speed, elevation, and time information.
  2. 3D Video Creation: The standout feature of Relive is its ability to transform activity data into captivating 3D videos. The app uses GPS and elevation data to recreate the user’s journey, showing a bird’s-eye view of the route along with stunning landscapes and landmarks. Users can add photos, music, and text to personalize their videos and make them even more engaging.
  3. Social Sharing: Relive makes it easy to share videos with friends, family, and followers on social media platforms. Users can post their videos directly to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, allowing them to inspire others with their outdoor adventures and receive feedback and encouragement from their social networks.
  4. Virtual Challenges: Relive offers virtual challenges that users can participate in to add a competitive element to their outdoor activities. These challenges motivate users to push their limits and achieve personal goals. Participants can track their progress, compare their results with others, and earn badges and rewards for their achievements.
  5. Memory Preservation: Relive acts as a digital journal for outdoor activities, allowing users to relive their adventures anytime they want. The app automatically saves and organizes activity data, photos, and videos in a personalized timeline, making it easy to revisit and reminisce about past experiences.


  • Engaging Visual Experience:Relive’s 3D videos provide an immersive and engaging way to relive outdoor activities. The combination of GPS data, photos, and interactive elements creates a captivating visual experience that brings your adventures to life.
  • Social Sharing and Interaction:The app’s social sharing features make it easy to share your adventures with friends and connect with like-minded individuals. The ability to receive comments and reactions on your videos adds a social element to the app, fostering a sense of community among outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Motivation and Goal Setting:Relive’s virtual challenges and goal-setting features help users stay motivated and track their progress. The app encourages users to set personal goals, whether it’s completing a certain distance or conquering a specific trail, providing a sense of accomplishment and pushing users to explore new outdoor activities.
  • Photo Integration:The ability to add photos to your Relive videos enhances the storytelling aspect of your adventures. Capturing memorable moments along your route and including them in the video creates a more personal and meaningful narrative, allowing you to share the highlights of your outdoor activities.


  • Limited Video Duration (Free Version):The free version of Relive limits the duration of generated videos. This can be a drawback for users who want to capture longer activities or showcase their entire route. To unlock longer video durations, users need to subscribe to Relive Club, which may be a deterrent for some.
  • Reliance on GPS Tracking:Relive heavily relies on GPS tracking for activity visualization. In areas with weak GPS signals or dense tree cover, the accuracy of the generated videos may be compromised. Users should be aware of potential limitations when using the app in challenging GPS environments.
  • Premium Subscription Cost:While Relive offers a free version with basic features, accessing the full range of capabilities requires a subscription to Relive Club. The cost of the premium subscription may deter some users who are not willing to pay for additional features, limiting their access to the app’s full potential.

Similar Apps

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AllTrails: AllTrails is a trail exploration app that offers a vast database of trails, reviews, and photos from a global community of outdoor enthusiasts. It helps users discover new trails and plan their next adventure.


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Relive is a remarkable app that caters to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts who want to capture and share their adventures in a unique and engaging way. With its 3D video creation, social sharing features, virtual challenges, and memory preservation capabilities, Relive offers a comprehensive platform for documenting and reliving outdoor activities. While the app has its limitations, such as limited video editing options and privacy concerns, its pros outweigh the cons for those who value the ability to transform their outdoor experiences into captivating videos. Whether you’re a hiker, runner, cyclist, or adventurer, Relive is definitely worth exploring to enhance your outdoor journey and inspire others to get outside and explore the world around them.

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