Police Scanner App

Police Scanner

Developer: GordonEdwards.net LLC

Size: 50 MB


Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Rating: 4.5

Category: Entertainment

About Police Scanner App

The application known as Police Scanner gives users access to live audio feeds from police scanners, public safety warnings, fire alarms, information and maps pertaining to wildfires, hurricanes, emergencies, amateur radio, and other services.

Listeners to Police Scanner Radio are kept abreast of the most recent news whenever significant events such as riots, protests, and other violent behaviors take place in their communities.

By using Police Scanner, you may join listeners from all over the world in gaining knowledge about the local live amateur radio station, hurricane scanner frequencies, fire alarm, and updates to wildfire maps.


Examine the scanners that are positioned closest to you.

Take a look at the top fifty scanners (those that have the most listeners).

View scanners are among the most recent additions (new scanners are being added all the time).

For easy access, add the scanners that you listen to the most frequently to your Favorites list.

You can search the directory based on the location or the category (public safety, aviation, railroad, marine, weather, etc).

Make sure that your notifications are turned on so that you are aware of important events as they occur (details below).

For easier and more immediate access, add Scanner Radio widgets and shortcuts to your home screen.


Stay ahead of the curve when it comes to information and protect yourself from harm! The Police Scanner app delivers real-time notifications of police activity, fire alarms, emergencies, and breaking news in your local area as well as everywhere else in the world. You may immediately find out what is going on in your immediate area, or you can search domestic and international networks by country, state, and county to browse through feeds from all over the world.
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