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Developer: Finco Services, Inc.

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Version: 5.25.0

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

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Category: Finance

About Current App

Current is an online-only banking service accessible via a mobile app. It has certain unique features that competitors do not, such as rapid direct transfers, instant credits for gas holds, dedicated accounts for parents and kids, and Savings Pods to make it easy to save money for a variety of goals.Having said that, if you are interested in receiving your paycheck earlier or in assisting your adolescent in developing healthy financial habits, then the services that Current provides could be a wonderful fit for you.


Direct Deposits Are Made Available More Quickly

Current guarantees that direct deposits will be credited to your account up to two days faster than traditional banks. This implies that if your business uses direct deposits and your paycheck is generally ready on Friday, you could get it as soon as Wednesday! If you have a premium account with Current and can take advantage of this option, you can access funds more rapidly, which can help with your cash flow.

No Account Fee

Users don’t have to pay anything to sign up for either the Current or Teen accounts.

Family Money Management

Current offers teen accounts that give parents a lot of control while exposing kids to their first checking account. Teens can have their own account and debit card, but parents can establish spending limits, ban specific shops, receive warnings about their teen’s spending habits, and even arrange an allowance for their children.

Ease Of Access To Customer Service

The customer support that is offered at the moment is accessible in some way around the clock and every day of the year. You can contact customer support via e-mail, the phone, or live chat if you have any questions or concerns.


Current offers certain unique mobile banking capabilities that other financial institutions may lack, such as parent/teen accounts. However, you should examine whether you are willing to spend within the severe daily limits when you may simply find a bank that does not have these restrictions. But, if being able to simply offer an allowance for your teen and watch their spending is vital to you, Current may be a wonderful option for your family.

If you want speedier access to your salary, mobile support, and several options for automatically depositing money to savings, joining up with Current is a financial move worth considering.

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